Design Week Lagos 2023: A Showcase of Creativity and Innovation

Design Week Lagos 2023 drew its curtains to a close, leaving behind a trail of inspiration and creativity. Attendees played the role of adept observers, skillfully capturing the event’s essence and providing us with a unique lens into the world of design.

Among the remarkable exhibitors, a handful of exhibitors particularly caught our attention. Their work stood out not for grandiosity, but for its nuanced artistry, thoughtful craftsmanship, and forward-looking vision. These individuals demonstrated a keen understanding of their craft, subtly elevating the event’s atmosphere.

Their contributions highlighted the diverse range of talent within the design landscape. What set their work apart was its interactive nature, engaging attendees on a relatable and approachable level.

Spazio Ideale

This visionary team of Interior designers known for their out-of-the-box and creative designs is no stranger to pushing boundaries, having transformed spaces for notable clients like Kuda Micro Finance Bank, Paystack, Ernst & Young (EY), Four Points by Sheraton, and many more.

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