Desk designs- whats your preference

Workspaces have become a thing, increasingly due to the COVID-19 pandemic and more used during the lockdown. This means the space needs to be just right to encourage you to seat there long enough to be productive. Most of “being just right” has to do with the right amount of light, proper ventilation, ergonomics and the overall ambience which sometimes has to do with the color, feel and style.

People’s personality and taste largely dictates what type of workspace they have. This is translated and is revealed through their workspace as it indirectly tells us who you are. Many go DIY with their space while others employ the services of interior designers either ways the goal is to have that sacred space where you can escape into work, a book, etc. and get the most productive out of that time- even though we hope you will take out time for a stretch or a meal.

One key feature is the DESK, and there are different designs one can use. Whether it is at work or at home this is an important element in your workspace. Let’s run through some of them and you can let us know which one screams you the most.

1. Floating Desks-
Floating desks have become trendy in recent years. They provide space-saving benefits, and are affordable. This is a unique design, especially for smaller spaces.
Would you do better with a floating desk or a table placed against a wall or built in?

2. Desks Against a Wall
Another style is for the desk to be placed against the wall. This gives you the chance to get up from the chair and walk around without being hampered by either table or chair.

3. Built-in Desks
This particular design is customized and so often provides more work surface. Areas underneath the desk offer room for trash cans, paper shredders and other items to be tucked away. Books, file boxes and supplies are neatly stored in the built-in bookshelves that surround the desk.

4. Desk Chairs
These come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. The footprint of space allowed for movement in front of the workstation is dependent on the chair and individual requirements. To reach for items on the desk or other drawers, you’ll need to back up and slide from side to side to maximize the space available by design.

Which do you prefer?
Some people are more work from the Kitchen Island as seen below- keeps them close enough to remember to eat while getting the work done.

All in all, it doesn’t have to be boring and bland, add a pop of your personal taste to it. Summarily, know what works best for you to ensure you are comfortable and productive at your task.