Exclusive: How Spazio Ideale is transforming the Nigerian workplace

The evolution of the workplace to match organisations’ ever-changing needs and cultures has seemingly caused a massive shift in workspace culture and structure. Every year, more adventurous office looks are gradually phasing out old conservative styles. Isolating cubicles have given way to large airy workspaces, and sofas have replaced cabinets.

The dot-com boom of the early 90s somehow brought a new wave of companies that changed the look and feel of work environments. Companies like Google and Amazon probably took it further, influencing a culture of unique office designs in the tech space.

Interestingly, other industries have begun to take cues from tech giants and startups. While the reason for this shift is not immediately apparent, one can hypothesise from available data.

You can find a similar scenario in Africa, where the unique and iconic workspaces — a trend started by tech startups — is gradually spreading from the continent’s budding tech ecosystem to other companies.

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