From concept to creation: Spazio Ideale’s showstopper Exhibit at Design Week Lagos

In a dynamic showcase of ingenuity and cultural fusion, Spazio Ideale, a leading interior design company based in Nigeria, took centre stage at Design Week Lagos under the theme “Is Africa Design the Future?”

You might remember them from their revolutionary designs where they transformed the spaces of Kuda Micro Finance Bank and Paystack. They have also done spaces for Ernst & Young (EY), Four Points by Sheraton, Branch International, Ulesson, Heritage Bank Innovation Lab, Ulesson, and many others. You can read more about their transformative projects here.

With a visionary approach, Spazio Ideale is dedicated to improving lives through exceptional design and excellent execution. Spazio Ideale is a multi-disciplinary interior design firm that specializes in comprehensive interior design, consultancy services, and turnkey installations. Spazio Ideale has been pushing boundaries and redefining design, infusing it with authenticity, and innovation, with a distinct narrative rooted in African heritage.

At Design Week Lagos, Spazio Ideale’s booth stood as a testament to their commitment to innovation by merging the past with the future. Inspired by the earlier architectural practices, the booth is a fine mix of these practices with current 3D realization and futuristic virtual reality. The booth design speaks volumes about the evolution of design and its transformative impact on innovation.

This evolution, from manual 2D sketches to the incorporation of AI and VR/AR technologies, symbolizes the strides Africa is making in design and technology. Spazio Ideale, keenly aware of this progress, is at the forefront of embracing these advancements to elevate African design to global standards.

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