Increase your productivity in the emerging world of work!

Many organizations have had to embrace the hybrid model of operations since the global pandemic reared its ugly head since the end of 2019.

Statistics revealed that after about 2-3 months of remote working during the lockdown, many people shared their experiences, saying that without a conscious effort, one can get “stuck at work” for more hours than usual2 with little or no time to get a cup of coffee, stay hydrated or have a meal, especially for those who stay alone.

Emerging from the lockdown, the hybrid model has been embraced by a lot of organizations with many working out of the office on some days and working from home on others. Others have developed a more flexible mode of operations as they need to be physically present such as early closing times, social distancing within the office with other COVID-19 regulations being adhered to.

Whether you work from home or the office, does your workspace encourage you to be more productive?

Most of us spend one-third of our lives at work, hence it is extremely important that we create the right atmosphere and environment tailor-made to our needs, that enables us to enjoy our work.

The quality of your workspace, whether at home or at the office has a direct influence on your level of productivity, take it from someone with experience in the interior design space. Many, especially with millennials and Gen Zs, are now really keen at how their space looks tapping into their inner creative spirits and with a DIY video, they redesign or tweak their space. This is because more people are beginning to see the effect of the ambience, the feel and design of a workspace on overall effectiveness and productivity at work, whether personal or work related. Best and easy solution, reach out to me, I’ll hook you up in no time.

Let me take you on a journey

Shall we?

Close your eyes and picture this:

A well-spaced out and decorated tabletop with just the right amount of space for your laptop; a side stand housing your books in categories, life plants to bring in a bit of nature (and a little zen) and the right amount of lighting to keep up the zeal of work but also to spotlight your divine space for execution.

Yes girl, this is where the magic happens…Wouldn’t you want to work in such a place?

Word of advice, make sure to take a break from work, whether at home or at the office. Take the occasional walk, jog or run to keep your physical juices pumping. Remember to refill your water bottle to stay hydrated. If you are like me, my coffee is never far and ever brewing, so head over to the kitchen and pour yourself a hot cup of coffee and get a light snack to go with it. Eat and stay healthy!


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