Spazio Ideale designs iconic workspaces for tech companies like Paystack, uLesson, others

Several studies have confirmed the correlation between how a space looks and how a person lives or works. With changes in how we view our environment, there is now an increasing demand to put much thought into space designs. But this has not always been the case.

Pitching space designs, in Africa for instance, is more commonplace today than it was a decade ago, with more people now interested in how their spaces look. Interestingly, we are talking about a $115 billion industry projected to hit $121 billion by the end of 2021. And it gets more exciting with the various options available with innovation.

The acceptance of space design in Nigeria coincided with the coming of interior design startups like Spazio Ideale — an Italian expression loosely translated as ‘Ideal Space’.

Tomi Bamgbelu, Founder and Creative Director of Spazio Ideale, has always had a flair for architecture and computers. She studied computer science for her first degree, with a masters in interior design coming after as she followed her love for designing.

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