Tips to maximize your workspace: Startups harness your versatility!

No one is oblivious to the shaky inceptions many startups tend to face. Priority is given to kicking off the business, building the brand and positioning the company within the market segment. One can liken this to the testing phase. Many of such companies start in the comfort of people’s homes, basements or virtually and this catholic emergence has allowed customers give such companies leeway to settle, understand the trends and harness innovative marketing techniques to increase ROI

One of such technique should be focused on the workspace. Although designing a comfortable and productive space for a startup isn’t easy especially when that is really the last thing on your mind.

Here are some tips that can help you navigate during this times while striking a balance across operational success and brand presence.

1. Carve your niche and identity
Apart from what your startup is about, what else do you want to be known for? What atmosphere do you want customers to ascribe to your brand? This will drive and guide the strategic initiatives you get involved in. This is translated not just on social media but also within your workspace thereby serving as a medium to reaffirm such values to employees, partners and customers.

2. Never despise humble beginnings
Don’t dismiss your hay days; it has a lot to do with how far the company goes. In what ways are you motivating yourself and your team to achieve the vision of the organization? Your workspace actually contributes to this to a large extent. Keep delivering quality service that meet the need of clients, stay committed, and be motivated to grow your business from the startup/bottom to the top.

3. Hire an Interior designer
To get the best out of your workspace, contact a professional to help out. If you are in Nigeria be sure to work with “Spazio Ideale” to actualize the desired look and feel for your organization. To ensure you get what you need while bringing their expertise, these professionals work with your taste and essential needs to improve productivity.