Our Process

Exceptional Design, Excellent Execution.

At Spazio Ideale we prioritise excellence and creativity. We believe to consistently deliver unparalleled quality, we have to understand and empathize with our clients, learn, unlearn and relearn their way of life, process and filter information, create, design and redesign until we are a 100% certain that excellence is delivered.
The Spazio Way which is our proven process guaranteed to deliver excellently consist of:
60 Minute Meeting:
Before any great design is achieved, a thorough understanding of the functional and aesthetical need must be obtained; This is the overall objective of the 60 minute meeting; In this meeting we will get to know you, understand your needs and goals, listen to your ideas and most importantly learn about your brand (personal brand or corporate culture). We would also take time to explain our process and how we can add value to you.
In this meeting we would ask questions such as:
1) What is your creative Vision?
2) What are your Functional Needs?
3) Where do you see yourself or your organisation in 5 years
4) What are your core values?
5) Who is your target market?
6) What’s your Budget?
In this phase, we would describe your vision, creative objective and establish overall design direction using images .
Review meetings would be periodically held with you to ascertain the final creative direction.
 In this phase, we will:
1) Take a measurement of your space.
2) Draft out Concept Boards, Mood Boards, Inspiration Boards, Material Boards.
3) Deliver High-level space layout options.
4) Conduct review meetings with you to finalise design direction.
This phase consists of design development I & II, here we dive into the specifics of the design, We detail each functional and aesthetic element.
At the end of this phase, you’re guaranteed to receive a fully designed package for construction as per our contract documents.
Documentation to be delivered include:
A set of design development drawings: Floor Plans, Lighting Plans, Ceiling Plans, Working Drawings, FF&E’s, Material Specifications etc.
Comprehensive bill of quantity
A project management plan for implementation.
Here we deliver on our design promise by implementing approved designs and construction administration.
Spazio Ideale offers turn-key interior design and implementation services. We have a team of architects, interior designers, civil engineers, project managers, builders and artisans that can deliver a turn-key solution
Using best project management practices, we manage, co-ordinate and deliver a fully-fitted space.
After Sale Care:
‘Because we know that transitioning into a new space might require some habitual change, we make ourselves available for a period of 30days to help you smoothly transition into your improved way of living.
Teaching you how to care for your space and helping you get the best out of your newly designed space.
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