Project Project Herconomy

To design a space that provides comfort for users inspires them, and provides a space for future growth.

Project Brief

Herconomy is a company dedicated to building a community of strong leaders who will reduce unemployment in Nigeria by creating more job opportunities. Hence the need for a Lagos office to provide comfort for users, inspire them and provide a space for future growth.
They engaged our design and implementation services to provide a space that is flexible enough to serve as an office, training centre and event centre.

We designed a space that would allow employees to work collaboratively to foster the needs of their community. It was designed to be fun, interesting, funky, young, fresh, millennial-focused and gen z focused taking inspiration from the Tech Hub spaces.

The entrance lobby was designed to have a ‘wow’ effect while at the same time portraying the vision of the brand. This included a hanging swing with comfortable cushions and throw pillows in front of a mustard yellow wall to give a unique, inviting, and welcoming feel, coming into the space.

The open office was designed to be a cool, interesting and playful workspace which can also be used for events. The space included workstations, tall storage, a high table with high stools and a wall hanging niche at the corner to give alternative working areas. The workstations were positioned at a particular side of the space so they are easily removable from the space to double up as an event space.

The design also included an outdoor terrace to give the users an opportunity for outdoor relaxation.

The kitchen was designed simply to serve as a kitchenette and a lunch room while portraying the image of the brand. The space included a colourful mural on the wall depicting icons and words relating to entrepreneurship and young professionals to inspire whoever walks into the space.

The design of the boardroom takes inspiration from the aim of the brand which is to build a community of strong leaders who will reduce unemployment in Nigeria by creating more job opportunities. The design played with artworks and quotes representing women’s empowerment.

The executive office was designed to give a clean, elegant, and cosy feel, taking inspiration from women’s empowerment.