Project Project Kuda

To design a modern and functional workspace that promotes efficiency and foster productivity as individual workers and as a team.

Project Brief

Kuda Bank engaged our services for their commercial interior design project. They required design consultancy and implementation services for their Lagos office, and they wanted to create a warm and motivating workplace environment for their employees to encourage productivity and collaboration.

For this project one of our clients concern was space, we maximized the space to fit in all the requirements of our clients and we went with designing the ground floor of their office to promote productivity, teamwork and efficiency by its users, which housed a welcome and waiting area that was designed for optimum comfort for visitors to relax, General office, meeting room, Breakout room and lounge (lunch room) while the first floor which contains 3 formal spaces and other spaces (Phone booth, terrace sit out) was designed to promote efficiency, teamwork and functionality.

For the design style of the space our client wanted a minimalist design something cool, young and vibrant with clean look but with few colours with white as the base.

The overall design and implementation was to meet the needs of the clients, provide space and design choices, and exceed their expectations.