Project Project Stack

To create a functional, efficient, and creative work environment that enhances employee satisfaction and encourages collaboration and other forms of work.

Project Brief

PayStack, a technology company solving payments problems worked with us to design an office that will inspire her people and fosters collaboration and other working activities while providing multifunctional spaces that can accommodate varying activities.

For this project one of our clients concern was its employee experience and satisfaction, we maximized the space to fit in all the varying activities to promote productivity, teamwork and efficiency by its employees, which housed a welcome and waiting area that was designed to capture everyone’s attention therefore making a good first impression of their space, General office, meeting room and lounge was designed to promote efficiency, teamwork and functionality.

For the design style, our client desired a creative design for the space that was cool, young, and lively because they value employee experience and the impact the design will have on their employees.

The goal of the overall design and implementation was to suit the clients’ needs, provide space and design options and exceed their expectations.