Project Project X

To design a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing space that enhances productivity, employee engagement and retention and ultimately increases ROI.

Project Brief

Spazio Ideale collaborated with our client, to design a workplace that will motivate her employees and allow them to work more efficiently.

Our design approach was to adopt the word “EXPERIENTIAL” which is the art and science of shaping the customer experience. Whenever someone interacts with your product or service, he or she forms an impression. Good experiential design influences this impression.

To form a good impression we took into detail every single space from consciously designing the welcome lounge which is the first point of contact to this space to be on-brand and impress with a simplistic yet sophisticated urban contemporary and minimalist look to creating an open work space that is fun and lively which was targeted at increasing engagement and foster collaboration among staff and specific design elements were included in the designing of this space. The board room was designed to be formal but interesting at the same time with an executive room that was designed to be simple and clean with minimalism as the design direction and a meeting room which is both formal and informal. A quiet room, waiting lounge, lunch room and kitchenette was also incorporated in the space to further foster employee engagement and collaboration.

The design was perfectly executed and excellently delivered to meet our clients’ expectation for the space.