Residential Interior Design Tips

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Posted on February 27, 2017

Spazio Ideale makes this saying true ‘East or West, home is the best’ by creating the warmth that pulls families closer with irresistible residential interior design in Nigeria.

Moving to a new home comes with its excitements; the excitement of choosing colours, furniture, decorating afresh and making the changes that you have always dreamed of. Often our dreams are big but welack the know-how of actually bringing these dreams to reality. Spazio Ideale gives you residential interior design tips that will make your dream home materialize.

Declutter Furniture.

The idea of crowding the room with furniture will be exchanged for the idea of ‘less is more’. An attractive living room is one that is spacious but still has enough furniture to make it look beautiful. Chairs should have spaces between them. You may be tempted to cram in every piece of furniture that catches your fancy but you will have to resist that temptation. Quality not quantity should be the watchword. Quality furniture gives the room a sophisticated air. This doesn’t mean your furniture should be sparse, it just means you should not cross the line between too little and too much.


It may seem logical to pick a paint colour before you move in but you might want to consider waiting till you have all your furniture and aesthetics ready. This would determine what colour goes best. You might pick a colour that is a shade lighter or darker than your upholstery, or one that matches the rug.

Arrangement of furniture

This can be a bit tasking, knowing where to put what.  Arrangement of furniture is dependent on some things; the number of furniture, the shape of the room, and whether or not the room is rugged. For a living room that is rugged, you can decide to do one of three things; first, you may decide to keep the legs of the furniture off the rug. This give the impression of more space. Secondly, you may want put only the front legs of the furniture on the rug. Thirdly, you may decide to put all the legs of the furniture on the rug. For a living room that is tiled or that has a wooden floor, an area rug would be a great idea, something soft and warm, that matches the furniture.

Be creative

Sometimes, you may want to create your own unique style. This is possible so long as you have basic guiding principles. Go all out and infuse your personality into your living room.


Art work such as paintings and family photos are an integral part of interior design. They can and should be hung in places where they will be easily seen and appreciated. To be sure that they are not hung too high or too low, place them at eye level. Art work should fit wherever you decide to put them. They shouldn’t stand apart from the rest of the furniture in the room but should blend with them in colour and in location. You may also want to consider art work that agree with your family values. When art work or photos don’t stand alone, they should be arranged in odd numbers. But be careful not to hang more than one large piece in one place. An aquarium would also fit nicely on a shelf that is not too high or it could have its private stand. You can’t go wrong with a touch of nature. Aesthetics such as a glass menagerie is not common but of course we do not have to go with the popular. Placing a glass menagerie on top of your aquarium is the perfect blend.

At Spazio Ideale – your number 1 interior design in Nigeria, we create that atmosphere in your home that has you thinking about home wherever you are.


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