Top Hospitality Interior Design Tips

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Posted on February 27, 2017

At Spazio Ideale we understand your need for a hotel like no other and nothing pleases us more than to give you the best of interior design in Nigeria.

No one wants to feel like a fish out of water in a hotel, they want comfort, a home away from home. Designing the interior of a hotel is not just for beauty but it is sure to increase your income, and that is why you want to take your time and go through these top hospitality interior design tips from Spazio Ideale for that hotel that would have your customers coming in again and again and even bringing friends!


Everyone is attracted to a place that looks good and you should take advantage of this. Bland, dull colours are totally out of it. The painting of the rooms could go two ways; it could be a shade different from the painting of the hallway and this would create a flow of unity or it could contrast so your customers feel like they are stepping into a new world altogether.


One thing you do not want to miss out on is an amazing view. Your hotel rooms should have windows that give your customers a view of what is going on outside. You are at a greater advantage if the view they have is that of the sea but there is no need to worry if that is not the case. You could plant ornamental trees and flowers for beauty sake. These have a calming effect. These windows also give a view of the sunrise and sunset, and this is beauty beyond description.


Lack of maintenance of the interior of a hotel is the beginning of its downfall. To avoid this, you should choose lighting, furniture, floors that are easy to maintain and time should be taken to clean them from time to time.

Art work

There should be an art work in every room, something that soothes, that inspires or a phenomenal painting, something that will wow the mind. It could be something small on the table or a bigger painting hung on the wall.


Furniture in a hotel room should be chosen for style but primarily for comfort. People want a place like their homes or even better. The bed, the chair, and table should be in good shape. Some people might want to work in their hotel room so you should make provision for that. You could add a table lamp for a touch of the traditional.


For interior designs in Nigeria, carpets have long gone out of style and rugs are following suit. Wooden floors are perfect for your hotel floors (they are very effective as insulators); they adjust well to the climate unlike rugs that are warm all of the time. They are easy to clean and would fit in with any kind of furniture you decide to use thereby saving you cost when you decide to change furniture.


A trick for getting the right colour of walls is that they should be lighter than the floors and darker than the ceiling. Good paints should be chosen as they last longer and will also spare you the cost of repainting from time to time.


It is advisable to have both fans and air conditioners in a room. The air conditioner goes when the weather is humid and the fan goes when the temperature is low.

Rooftop Lounge

A bar might not be enough as a means of relaxation especially if your customers are staying for a couple of days. A rooftop lounge has an irresistible appeal, the feel of the wind, of the sun on your face. It is a place where people will like to share drinks with friends and chat; a bar without walls. You can always count on people being drawn to the unconventional.

So here you have it, tested and trusted top hospitality design tips from Spazio Ideale that will help you design that dream hotel.


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