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Posted on February 27, 2017

We know how challenging it could be designing an office that is not just formal but also stylish and comfortable, so Spazio Ideal takes the work of your hands to present to you quality interior design in Nigeria.

We all want an office that gives that wow effect, a combination of formality, style, and comfort. Creating this impression might be challenging and that is why Spazio Ideale have put together top office design tips to help you design that sophisticated office that you have always wanted. You should realize that your office space is not for you alone but for your employees and visitors. So you want to make it comfortable for them also.


What is the office space to be used for? The use determines what would be put in it.Is it an office that would have visitors and customers coming in often? If you would be working with computers, allowance should be made for that. Whatever the purpose, the office space should not just be formal but also attractive.


Colours are one way to ensure an attractive office. Being a working place, bright colours are not advisable. Colours like cream or pale blue are perfect. Not only do they have a unique way of making your office space look larger than it really is, they have a calming effect also.You can add a splash of another colour but it should be minimal.


We all need a little inspiration from time to time. To inspire your employees, you could hang short inspiring quotes on the wall that inspire to productivity, that encourage team work. Art work can also inspire.


Some people get uncomfortable after staying under artificial lights for hours. Most interior designs in Nigeria downplay lighting. A cure for this is to make use of natural light, allowing the sunlight filter through glass walls and adding a bit of glass to your ceiling. The trick of it is you are saving money that would have been spent on artificial lighting.


The saying goes that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Building a café that employees can go to during lunch time encourages interaction between employees and this is healthy, both for the individuals and the company. The steam is let off and the employees can relax, and also regain strength for the remaining part of the day.


Spazio Ideale advices that furniture should be chosen not just for business purpose but also for comfort as employees sometimes have to sit for hours at a stretch. The colour of the furniture should match the colour on the wall. For a cream coloured wall, light brown furniture will do or you could go with black. Furniture must be properly arranged to avoid unnecessary clutter.


Your office design is an expression of your company’s identity. People meeting you for the first time may likely assess you based on what they see in your office.

Go Green

In these times of climate change, you can never go wrong with going green. Create a natural environment by adding plants and flowers and putting them at strategic places that will not only catch the eye but add beauty to our office.


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