Top Kitchen Design Tips

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Posted on February 27, 2017


Spazio Ideale is committed to making every woman’s kitchen her pride with the best of kitchen interior design in Nigeria.

A kitchen is one of the most essential place in every home. Gone are the days when the kitchen was just a place to prepare meals. These days a kitchen is more than that, it is a place where the family can get together for meals, where you can share a drink with your friend or have a private moment with your daughter. But to achieve this, you must make plans and below are some top kitchen design tips from Spazio Ideale – your top-notch interior designer in Nigeria – that would help you design the kitchen of your dreams.


To achieve anything, plans must first be made. You would have to decide what kind of kitchen you want; what kind of shape you want; an L- shaped or U-shaped kitchen. While making plans, bear in mind that the number of kitchen appliances you have is a determining factor. Also what other activity do you have in mind besides preparing meals?

Proper location

The location of a kitchen matters. A kitchen should not be crammed into some space in the house, it should be located in a place that is airy and that has easy access to ventilation. You may decide to plant trees behind your kitchen to enhance ventilation. There is nothing like an airy kitchen and this depends totally on the location of the kitchen.

Spacing and Storage

There can never be too much space in a kitchen especially if you are the type that loves kitchen appliances and would want to purchase the latest ones. The counters should not be cluttered with appliances such as blenders, water heaters, and the like. Every appliance should have its place. Bigger appliances such as the oven, refrigerator, gas cooker, should be not just be crammed into a corner, they should be well spaced apart from each other. A kitchen should have room for one to move around freely. You are less likely to get hurt in a spacious kitchen.


A tile floor is easy to clean but it is also easy to slip and fall on a tile floor. Instead of that you may decide to go for slip-resistant flooring such as hard natural stone.  These work two-fold; they are safe and also easy to clean.


You want to make sure that your kitchen is safe. To ensure this, cookers and ovens should be placed at adult height, above the reach of children. You may also consider a placing a simple lock on drawers where you have things such as knives.

Waste disposal

Even waste bins can add to the beauty of your kitchen depending on the size and colour. You may decide to pick one whose colour blends with that of your kitchen.


Decoration of your kitchen starts from the painting. Choose a colour that is toned down and would not easily show stains. The colour of the kitchen should not be alien from that of the rest of the house but there should be a natural blend of both colours. You may choose a colour a shade different or the same colour but a bit darker. Next after the painting comes wallpapers. They are attention catchers and add beauty to the kitchen, giving it a homelier look. But take care to note that there must be a similarity of colours between the painting and the wallpaper to achieve the bestinterior design.

Spazio Ideale will help you put all these together and what you have is a kitchen that would be the envy of every woman.


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