About Us

What Stands Us Apart


Design is much more than a beautiful interior. It is the essence of how space reflects and improves the personality of the dweller and how this can be translated into productivity, good health and overall happiness. Our duty is to deliver designs that break the status quo, one that is innovative, out of the box. Designs that are forward-thinking in delivering real value, one that can inherently improve the lives of those that come across it in ways that are new, inventive and original.


Excellent Execution

Ludwig Mies van Der Rohe said that “God is in the details”, this phrase guides what we do at Spazio Ideale. We believe that details are the design, therefore attention to detail, organisation, timely delivery are values we portray in every project.
We believe that reputation outweighs profit hence we bring intense focus using best practices to deliver excellently.



Our commitment to quality is unparalleled. From the moment we take on a project right down to handover, we persistently deliver on our design promise making sure we do the right thing at all times.

Our Services
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